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Job Description
  1. To find the causes of the call drops, blocked calls, handover failure, poor quality, poor C/I, interference etc.
  2. Improving the identified problems through hardware change, antenna change, antenna refinement like down/Up tilt.
  3. Up tilts, change orientation and radiation center height. Addition of missing neighbors (which should be defined for handover )
  4. To check the coverage of the radio cell and compare it with coverage prediction. Verifies the parameters e.g. Rx level, cell id Rx quality, BSIC and MAIO etc. defined by the operator planner.
  5. In data drive check the mode throughput data, calculating the speed and coding scheme of any particular site and then optimize it as per requirement.
  6. Full command on NEMO & TEMS tool version 13.1 , MIPT, Map info tool. Data analysis after drive test, primary optimisation for verifying existing coverage site, troubleshooting issues like call drop and handover cellular.
  7. Aiming for reducing the pilot pollution & overshooting.
  8. Removing swap and monitoring RSCP & EC/IO level of 3G sites.
  9. Executing analysis of drive data.
  10. Analysis of various parameters such as RX Level, RX Quality, C/I, C/A, SQI, BER, FER, DTX, GPRS coding schemes etc.
  11. Interference detection & Rectification, Sector Swapping, Frequency scanning & Neighbor optimization.
Qualifications | Experience
  1. BE in Electronics & Telecommunication
  1. Required 1 yrs experience in RF & DT Engineer
  2. CCNA & Networking course